SEO press releases

How We're Different

Focused on Your ROI

  • Pay as you go - our fee is per project. No long term commitments on your part.
  • Your press release and/or article being picked up by relevant and credible news sources at no charge ends up costing a mere fraction of what it would have cost you to advertise in those same publications directly.
  • No retainers or ongoing fees.
  • No hidden fees. Ever.

Dedication and Experience

  • We bring long experience and continuous market research to the table.
  • We've got experience writing press releases and articles that rank well for your keywords. A press release or article that is not optimized correctly can go unnoticed in the search results.
  • We constantly assess the press release and article industry to evaluate the channels and options that produce the greatest results in terms of SEO.
  • Our service gets your company laser targeted exposure.
  • We submit your press release and/or article to targeted locations. We use PR Web as our primary resource for distributing press releases to tens of thousands of resources. However, we also submit your press release to a variety of other distribution points chosen for their search engine optimization features.

Your Personal SEO & Content Marketing Consultant

We work with you to determine the best topics for press releases and/or articles. We know you're busy and that it's our job to help you generate ideas and topics to get press releases out and distributed on a regular basis. Consider us your own internal content marketing team. Our goal is to make you look great online.

Are you ready to grow your backlinks and spread the word about the exciting things happening in your company?

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